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Magdalina Dianova's Brush Pack

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In this brush pack you'll find my Procreate brushes that I use a lot for sketching and linework. They range from soft pencils to rough inking brushes and a little bonus brush at the end. 

Here's the full list:

✏️ Big Sketchy - Perfect for your initial rough sketches where you want to focus on the big shapes and not get too carried away with unnecessary details.

✏️ Sketchy Baby - One of my all time favourite brushes that I use a lot for sketching! It's soft and light but still has a bit of texture to it, without it being too distracting and hard to manage.

✏️ Scratchy Baby - A textured pencil brush that is great if you want your linework to have a rougher feel to it. It can also be used for colouring if you want to add more texture.

✏️ Gritty - A chalky brush that adds a more traditional, rougher feel to your linework. This one is also great for both inking and colouring.

✒️ Tranquility Babe - My favourite rough inking brush that I've been using for 4 years now!

✒️ Tranquility Babe Flat - A flat, slightly different version of the same brush that I use if I want to make my linework a bit more dynamic. 

🧡 Blushy - This is a soft hard round brush that I use a lot to add blush to my character's cheeks, paint highlights, soft gradients or blend colours. 

Important reminder that these brushes are for Procreate only!

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My 7 Procreate brushes that I use for all of my sketches and linework.

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Magdalina Dianova's Brush Pack

134 ratings
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