Cosmic Cookie - Brushes for Procreate

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Cosmic Cookie - Brushes for Procreate

Magdalina Dianova
82 ratings

In this brush pack you'll find 18 Procreate brushes that you can use for sketching, line work, colouring, painting and adding details to your art.

✏️ Versatile. You can use these for all kinds of things from sketches and illustrations to anatomy studies and background paintings.

✏️ Easy to use. I hate having to spend days learning how to use a new brush so I made sure these are easy to control and don't work in any weird or complicated way that you need a degree to figure out ✨

Does this brush pack contain brushes from your previous pack?
No, it doesn't. These brushes are new and completely different from my previous brush pack.

What's the difference between the two packs?
The most obvious one is the size - this pack has 18 brushes while my previous one only has 7. Both of them contain brushes for sketching, inking and shading. The brushes in this pack have a very traditional feeling with some pencils and markers, as well as blocky and opaque brushes for painting and studies. However most of the textures are soft and subtle which makes the brushes very easy to control and use. There are also some big soft grain airbrushes here that you can use to add some extra texture to your piece at the end.

Do you still use the brushes from your previous pack?
Yes, all the time! I use almost all of them on a daily basis but over time my art changed so I felt the need to add softer textures to my art and a more traditional feeling, hence this pack. I use both of them equally I'd say.

Do these brushes work in Photoshop?
No, sorry! Only Procreate! I don't have Photoshop so I can't make brushes for it 🥹

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18 brushes for sketching, inking, painting and adding lots of texture to your illustrations!


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